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In recent years Radcliffe has been hit with horrendous flooding and many of the families of Radcliffe came together to support eachother. The community of Radcliffe is amazing and humbling - now it is time to help support one of our heritage sites! As a Grade I listed building and having an age of around 900 years, St Marys Church has been an integral part of our community and our ancestors community. Even the founder of Radcliffe was buried there in 1401, James De Radcliffe.

Around 18/24 months ago I had hit rock bottom, I was lost, I had no identity and no self-esteem. When I finally found the strength to take myself away from that situation I had a battle ahead of me with many aspects of my mental health. As I started to regain some confidence I had a burning desire to give thanks but no idea how to and how to have it be as effective as I wanted it to be. I decided to visit my local church. This was such an alien concept to me that you could have told me to wear fancy dress and I’d have turned up in it! The first sermon I was in attendance for was focused on forgiveness, and how we cannot truely live life to its fullest if we did not forgive those around us. I sat in church in tears. How can I forgive the person from my past that caused so much pain and abuse?! I approached the Minister after the service had ended for advice, and cried again. The advice given was to learn to forgive myself first and then look into forgiving others, and so for the past year this is what I have been working on.

Attending church, for me, is not completely about “Believing in God” or a higher power, it is more about spending that time on a Sunday reflecting on the past week, giving thanks for what has happened, asking for guidance and being forgiven.

I have recently decided to be Baptised, and it was a great feeling. Baptism is about new life and being cleansed of sins, and this was my reasoning behind wanting to be Baptised. So now I have started my “new life” and have had my past washed away.

St. Mary’s holds an extremely special part in my life and I want to do all I can to help them and show my gratitude for everything they have done for me. So due to this, many of you will know - I like a challenge. I walked the 32km Walking With The Wounded challenges two years in a row and completed them. This time I have challenged myself to a 10hr session on the Cross Trainers (elliptical trainers) at the gym. Its been a while since I’ve done a challenge and the training is on the way! Please, Please, Please give what you can! 

The “Summer Fayre” is the weekend of the 14th August, and COVID dependant there will be stalls, refreshments and an opportunity to see this beautiful church and all its history! My plan is to take on my challenge on the 30th of July so I am recovered enough for the Fayre! The challenge will take place at Total Fitness in Whitefield and you’ll be able to speak with my wonderful PT Kyle if you are interested in any training sessions.

Whether you choose to follow a faith or not please donate! I have not done a challenge like this since before I was pregnant and since before I had began spiralling downwards So its going to be a toughie but I’m ready for it! This is not only for the church but to raise awareness of Mental Health. 


For more information about St Marys and Radcliffe’s amazing history (including a bit of Roman influences) please see the link below:


Thanks for taking the time to read and donate!

Loraine Agg 

What great things can happen when.....

the great people of Radcliffe get together.


Thank you to the Radcliffe Litter Pickers (especially Leslie Stott who was the cameraman and took this great video)for answering our prayers and recently coming down and helping join those from St Mary's congregation start the work on making our churchyard look great again.


Plus we have had a great deal of help from local gardener who is affectionately known as the 'strimming fairy' who pops into the churchyard unannounced whenever they get chance, to keep on top of things for us.


When a bequest that had been left to fund the churchyard upkeep had run out and the money was not there for church funds to pay for it and with a small aged congregation, the upkeep had become an issue a few years ago. People were commenting on the state of the churchyard but up till now we just didn't have the help to do this, there was no funds available from anywhere and it had become embarrassing. Add onto this the year that we've just had and not being able to open and collect even our normal church funds, it felt like we were just never going to get anything sorted.


So when the Radcliffe Litter Pickers agreed to come and help along with the Strimming fairy, it felt like the sun was peaking out from behind the dark skies.

For those of you that have visited since, I'm sure you'll agree they have done a wonderful job and we are committed to keep up with this great start by being out there in the churchyard on the first Sunday of every month (weather permitting) from now on with anyone that wants to join us.

So if you are looking to make new friends and can help with a community project, there are jobs for all abilities and we would love to see you for any time you can spare on any month.


Watch the video below to see what happen on the day some good people came to St Mary's.

St Mary's gives a Warm Welcome to ...

Reverend Jeffrey Clawson who has joined us at St Mary's Church and STSJ as our Interum Minister. He has certainly landed with a bump given what is happening locally and with the UK but we are so very excited to have him join us and offer him a warm Radcliffe welcome.


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