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What great things can happen when.....

the great people of Radcliffe get together.


Thank you to the Radcliffe Litter Pickers (especially Leslie Stott who was the cameraman and took this great video)for answering our prayers and recently coming down and helping join those from St Mary's congregation start the work on making our churchyard look great again.


Plus we have had a great deal of help from local gardener who is affectionately known as the 'strimming fairy' who pops into the churchyard unannounced whenever they get chance, to keep on top of things for us.


When a bequest that had been left to fund the churchyard upkeep had run out and the money was not there for church funds to pay for it and with a small aged congregation, the upkeep had become an issue a few years ago. People were commenting on the state of the churchyard but up till now we just didn't have the help to do this, there was no funds available from anywhere and it had become embarrassing. Add onto this the year that we've just had and not being able to open and collect even our normal church funds, it felt like we were just never going to get anything sorted.


So when the Radcliffe Litter Pickers agreed to come and help along with the Strimming fairy, it felt like the sun was peaking out from behind the dark skies.

For those of you that have visited since, I'm sure you'll agree they have done a wonderful job and we are committed to keep up with this great start by being out there in the churchyard on the first Sunday of every month (weather permitting) from now on with anyone that wants to join us.

So if you are looking to make new friends and can help with a community project, there are jobs for all abilities and we would love to see you for any time you can spare on any month.


Watch the video below to see what happen on the day some good people came to St Mary's.


Rev. Jeffrey Clawson

The Reverend Jeffrey Clawson our new interim minister is now part of our family here at St Mary's and STSJ 
Jeffrey is from Greater Los Angeles and was licensed on 2 November 2020. He studied psychology, counselling, education, and divinity. He was an educator for more than 20 years in Los Angeles before entering priesthood. 
“I come from one of the most diverse cities in the world interconnected with vibrant multi-cultural neighbourhoods. It is a place of encounter where people from different countries and speaking different languages live close to each other, and work and go to school together. And in some neighbourhoods churches have become a dynamic source of community renewal because a spiritual culture of encounter has emerged. My understanding of God has deepened because of my engagement in such Christian communities. I felt called by God for a new place of ministry, and I discovered that in Radcliffe a team of churches focused on encounter had grown. The more I learned about the Radcliffe Team, the more I felt called to be here. I am energised by this place and so many wonderful people. Together we share in a new adventure to seek and serve Christ in others.”

Should I be coming to church?

The numbers attending Sunday services is creeping up slowly and no one has reported feeling unsafe.  Thankfully, most of us are now able to get about far more so perhaps, if you are now getting out to the shops etc you might consider coming back to church. 

Ladies Group

It was sadly agreed unanimously at Sept 9th AGM meeting that all future meetings should be postponed till 10th March 2021 when it will be decided if it's safe and viable to restart the meetings again. This was the first meeting since March and whilst everyone was able to wear a face covering and social distance between each other, given the  continual changes to rules, it was decided it would be hard to try to book people in advance  to do talks not knowing if we'd have to cancel last minute or if they would themselves be able to attend. It was therefore agreed by everyone that it was best and in everyone's interest to put the meetings on hold till next year when it is hoped things may be different.

Sad Goodbye

Rev. Elizabeth Binns made the hard decision to retire at the end of 2020. We thank Elizabeth for all the hard work (and it was hard especially this last year) and for all the support she gave St Mary's and the greater team and congregation. 

We wish her all the best for the next chapter in her

life and we look forward to seeing her again when she helps us out with cover.

Keeping children busy

In order to give you a little helping hand over the coming weeks iChild has opened up our entire bank of iChild crafts, activities and education resources. For the next month all resources on the iChild website (www.ichild.co.uk) are completely free to use. These resources can be used by anyone or any school/nursery looking after children around the world, especially the millions in lock-down. (If you are not a member, registration is quick, simple and free).

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