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Radcliffe Parish Churchof St. Mary


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Interim Minister

JEFFREY our new interim minister 
The latest information we have about Jeffrey is that his visa application has been approved and that he will hopefully be licensed mid-to late October.  
Jeffrey will live initially at Stand Rectory and then move to St. Peter’s vicarage on Manchester Road, Bury.

Should I be coming to church?

The numbers attending Sunday services is creeping up slowly and no one has reported feeling unsafe.  Thankfully, most of us are now able to get about far more so perhaps, if you are now getting out to the shops, café, hairdressers etc you might consider coming back to church.  We are hoping that, thanks to Darren McGuff, we may soon be able to film and put online the Sunday services from STSJ but there is nothing quite like “being there”.

Ladies Group

It was sadly agreed unanimously at Sept 9th AGM meeting that all future meetings should be postponed till 10th March 2021 when it will be decided if it's safe and viable to restart the meetings again. This was the first meeting since March and whilst everyone was able to wear a face covering and social distance between each other, given the  continual changes to rules, it was decided it would be hard to try to book people in advance  to do talks not knowing if we'd have to cancel last minute or if they would themselves be able to attend. It was therefore agreed by everyone that it was best and in everyone's interest to put the meetings on hold till next year when it is hoped things may be different.

Keeping children busy

In order to give you a little helping hand over the coming weeks iChild has opened up our entire bank of iChild crafts, activities and education resources. For the next month all resources on the iChild website (www.ichild.co.uk) are completely free to use. These resources can be used by anyone or any school/nursery looking after children around the world, especially the millions in lock-down. (If you are not a member, registration is quick, simple and free).

God: I've got this and I'm with you.

Society:   What about my plans?!


God:   My plans for you are always better than your own. 

Don't worry. I'm going to work this all out for your good.


Society:   We're not going to get anything done!


God:   That's the point. You know how you keep spinning your wheels—always working, moving, doing—but never feeling satisfied? I've given you permission to stop. I've cleared your calendars for you! Your worth isn't tied to busyness or accomplishment. All you have to do is take care of each other.


Society:   What does this all mean?


God:   It means I'm in control. It means you are human and I am God. It means I've given you a wonderful opportunity to be the light in a dark world. It means you are going to learn to rely on me.


Society:   What are we supposed to do when we can't leave our homes?


God:   Rest. You are always so busy and overwhelmed, crying out to me weary and exhausted. Can't you use a break from your fast-paced and over-scheduled lives? Go ahead and rest. Pray. Love your families. Be still and spend time with me.


Society:   You mean we're supposed to stay home with our kids all day, every day?


God:   Yes. And you're going to be just fine. This time together is a rare gift. The rush of daily life has come to a halt. Play games. Bake cookies. Work on projects you've never had the time for. Teach them kindness and grace. Show them how to endure difficult circumstances and steer them toward me.


Society:   We better start hoarding anything we can get our hands on!


God: Prevention, yes. Precaution, yes. Preparedness, yes. But after that, it's time to put the needs of others before your own. When you see someone in need, help them. Offer up what you have. Do not worry about tomorrow! Haven't I always taken care of you? Now, go take care of someone else.  

Society: Why is this happening?


God:   To remind you that I'm in control. To bring your attention back to me. I'm bringing you together as families and neighbors. I'm showing you patience and perseverance. I'm reminding you of your purpose and priorities. Now is the time to learn and teach your children what this life is really about.


Society:   We don't know who to believe.


God:   Believe in me. Trust me. Ask me for wisdom and I will surely give it.


Society:   We're scared!  

God:   I've got this and I'm with you.

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