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Services and Events this month

09​.30am St Mary's Church

11.00 am St Thomas & St John

Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) 10am starting on Wednesday September 9th 2020 at St. Thomas and St. John.  
We will follow the pattern of
1st Wednesday & 3rd Wednesday of the month at St. Mary (STM)
2nd Wednesday, 4th Wednesday and 5th Wednesday of the month at St. Thomas and St. John (STSJ)

As we are not using service books during Covid-19 you might like to bring a Book of Common Prayer if you have one.
Holy Week 
Head to our Easter Holy Week page for details of our extra services over this Week

Upcoming Events

1st Sunday of every month

(Weather Permitting)


Join us in St Mary's Churchyard for friendship,  a litter pick, branch/leaf collection, grass cutting and just a general churchyard tidy up day 


All abilities welcome.


Last Events.....   

Heritage Weekend

10th - 12th September 2021


Photos from 2021's Heritage Weekend including which Hymn people voted as their all time favourite Hymn.



Heritage Weekend Sept 2021 - 900 years of Family History at St Mary's
Radcliffe Family Tree
Our history goes back to the DOMESDAY BOOK of 1086 and family connections start in 1190 with the birth of the De Radcliffe Dynasty
Our exhibition displayed many family connections over the whole 900 years
Our Parish Records were on display for people to find their family connections
People are free to hang a leaf with their name & show how they are connected to the church - were they baptised, confirmed, married there or are family members buried there? Did they go to Sunday School, Brownies, Scouts etc there? Is it where they go to worship? All part of the church family.

And what was our favourite hymn.....


Over the Open Days we held a vote for the top 5 Childhood Hymns. The vote went as follows

No 1 = He's Got The Whole World
No 2 = All Things Bright & Beautiful
No 3 = How Great Thou Art
No 4 = Give Me Joy In My Heart
No 5 = Morning Has Broken
We ended the weekend by having fun singing them.


Other Photos from the Heritage Weekend Sept 2021

Summer Fayre Sat 14th August

11am -2pm


In recent years Radcliffe has been hit with horrendous flooding and many of the families of Radcliffe came together to support eachother. The community of Radcliffe is amazing and humbling - now it is time to help support one of our heritage sites! As a Grade I listed building and having an age of around 900 years, St Marys Church has been an integral part of our community and our ancestors community. Even the founder of Radcliffe was buried there in 1401, James De Radcliffe.

Around 18/24 months ago I had hit rock bottom, I was lost, I had no identity and no self-esteem. When I finally found the strength to take myself away from that situation I had a battle ahead of me with many aspects of my mental health. As I started to regain some confidence I had a burning desire to give thanks but no idea how to and how to have it be as effective as I wanted it to be. I decided to visit my local church. This was such an alien concept to me that you could have told me to wear fancy dress and I’d have turned up in it! The first sermon I was in attendance for was focused on forgiveness, and how we cannot truely live life to its fullest if we did not forgive those around us. I sat in church in tears. How can I forgive the person from my past that caused so much pain and abuse?! I approached the Minister after the service had ended for advice, and cried again. The advice given was to learn to forgive myself first and then look into forgiving others, and so for the past year this is what I have been working on.

Attending church, for me, is not completely about “Believing in God” or a higher power, it is more about spending that time on a Sunday reflecting on the past week, giving thanks for what has happened, asking for guidance and being forgiven.

I have recently decided to be Baptised, and it was a great feeling. Baptism is about new life and being cleansed of sins, and this was my reasoning behind wanting to be Baptised. So now I have started my “new life” and have had my past washed away.

St. Mary’s holds an extremely special part in my life and I want to do all I can to help them and show my gratitude for everything they have done for me. So due to this, many of you will know - I like a challenge. I walked the 32km Walking With The Wounded challenges two years in a row and completed them. This time I have challenged myself to a 10hr session on the Cross Trainers (elliptical trainers) at the gym. Its been a while since I’ve done a challenge and the training is on the way! Please, Please, Please give what you can! 

The “Summer Fayre” is the weekend of the 14th August, and COVID dependant there will be stalls, refreshments and an opportunity to see this beautiful church and all its history! My plan is to take on my challenge on the 30th of July so I am recovered enough for the Fayre! The challenge will take place at Total Fitness in Whitefield and you’ll be able to speak with my wonderful PT Kyle if you are interested in any training sessions.

Whether you choose to follow a faith or not please donate! I have not done a challenge like this since before I was pregnant and since before I had began spiralling downwards So its going to be a toughie but I’m ready for it! This is not only for the church but to raise awareness of Mental Health. 


For more information about St Marys and Radcliffe’s amazing history (including a bit of Roman influences) please see the link below:


Thanks for taking the time to read and donate!

Loraine Agg 

10th Jan - Vocalist evening had unfortunately to be postponed.


8th December - Children's pantomine 

The panto Bus were back again this year to put on our Free Children's pantomime for us. Funds are raised by St Mary's throughout the year in order to allow children in the local area to see a pantomime for free. This year it was the story of Cinderella and approx 120 people joined us to watch it, oh no they didn't, oh yes they did.
Sorry I couldn't resist it.


30th Nov - 12pm - 3pm - Christmas Fayre

All I can say is WOW, what a fabulous Christmas Fayre this was. It opened with the absolutely beautiful voices of Radcliffe Hall Primary School whose songs were fantastic and got us into the Christmas spirit. It was great to have the church so packed and we managed to raise just over £2,000. Hopefully if you were there you managed to grab a bargain, win a prize or have some tasty Hot Pot.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard beforehand and on the day to make this such a special event.

3rd Nov 2019 - 3pm at St Mary's Church

All Souls Service

Affetside Choir Concert - Saturday 12th Oct 2019

SUMMER FAYRE - Saturday 15th June 2019

13th July 2019 11am - 1pm - Sat Cafe 

Sunday Slipper Service Jan 27th 2019


For the last 3 years we have been wearing our slippers to church around about the last Sunday in January, to remind us that our church is also our home - the home made possible for us by the Father's love. As most Dad's, like putting their slippers on (at least when they get to a certain age). I think that he would approve of our light hearted but sincere recognition, of how we feel about our church family.
Below are some of our congregation in their outrageous slipper footwear, together with those not quite so daring and more conservative offerings.



9th Dec 2018 - Dick Whittington Pantomime - money raised throughout 2018 to be able to put this pantomine on for free for the children of Radcliffe.

Sun 2nd Dec 10.30am - 11.30am       Christingle Service

1st Dec 2018 Christmas Fayre

20th Oct saw our first Pet’s Service at St Mary’s Church


14th - 16th Sept saw this year's Heritage weekend.

This year we celebrated the years 1914 - 1924, Taking in WWI years, we displayed pictures and information around the 110 Radcliffe men who fought and died in this war. We also had some lovely cakes and refreshments, including 3 cakes made from war recipies.

We say lots of familiar friends and also some new people, including a gentlemen who had traced his family to our church. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard and to everyeone that came and supported us once again. 

Sat 8th September - Saturday Cafe


Sat 11th August - Saturday Cafe 


Sat 14th July - Saturday cafe


Fri 6th July - Garden Party - 


Summer Fayre - 16th June 2018

Thank you for everyone who ventured out in the rain to come to our Summer Fayre. We had a great time and it was fantastic to see so many old and new faces in St Mary's. 

The smartly dressed Town Crier made sure everyone knew that the fayre was open with his ringing of his bell and town cry.

Tuti Fluti and Bury Grammer Flute group came to support us and they enchanted us with the beautiful flute music they played during the fayre.

We had 5 gorgeous cakes entered into our cake competitions and Marion and Olivia took 1st prizes. Well done to you both.

We ate some lovely food at our fayre with cakes, birjani rice, hot dogs and black peas all on sale.

Not only did we have some great fun playing on the 3 different Tombolas, we took a chance on the £1 bags and raffle and picked up a bargain or two from our Grannies Attic, Toy and book stalls but we also raised funds for the church - over £1,335 which was £250 more than last year. 

Thanks must go not only to those that came and supported us but also for all the time and hard work put in by those running the stalls. Without all this help and suport, we just couldn't do them.

Thank you 


Quiz Night - 25th May 2018

There may have only been a few of us that attended this event but it was still a lot of fun and a lot of laughter was had. We had 10 rounds including a music round and a guess the dry pasta round.

The winner's were the 88s who beat the WAGs by just 1/2 a point. It couldn't have been closer. 

Thanks goes to Peter for arranging the questions.

Curry and a film night - 10th March 2018

This was our first film night and we enjoyed Shawshank redemption and a choice of 3 curries with rice, popadoms, nan bread and chutneys or for those that didn't like curry, meat and potato.

Hopefully this will be the first of many. 


Soup and a roll - April 10th 2018

Andrea treated us again to a soup and a roll lunch. This time it was in St Mary's and everyone had a lovely lunch and helped to raise funds for St Mary's.

Christingle Service Dec 2017

Rev Elizabeth Binns with her Sweetie hat on telling the children (and the adults) what the Christingle oranges represent.


Orange -                     The World

Red Tape -                  Jesus' Blood

Candle -                       God's Light in the world

4 x Cocktail  sticks -  The 4 seasons

Sweets -                      The Fruits of the world

Foil -                            How we reflect God's light

Christmas Bazaar Dec 2017

Our Christmas Fayre was yet again another great sucess. At St Mary’s we love it when we work with others from the local community and we all come together to have  a great day where lots of people turn up and we see people enjoying the stalls, having a chat and even wining a prize or 2 but it also raises funds for St Mary’s. Over £1,800 was raised and more than that, we saw some familiar and new faces at St Mary’s which is always great to see. I hope everyone that came, enjoyed themselves and thanks once again to all the volunteers, to the Mayor for opening our Fayre and saying those lovely words and to Tuti Fluti who played us some wonderful and beautiful music on their flutes. Well done everyone and thank you for your support.

Carol Haydon's last service with us 26 Nov 2017

Carol Haydon being presented with some leaving presents from the congregation of St Mary's at her last service with us

Carol's last song with us - "He's got the whole world in his hands"

Affetside Choir - 28th Oct 2017

Well what a wonderful night this was. Thank you to the Affetside choir who donated their time to come and sing for us and to support St Mary’s. The interval was a little sooner than we were expecting it so it was a round of cheers when the hot pasties arrived. Thank you Colin for going and getting these for us from Carrs. We raised £613 which was an amazing amount and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening and will join us again at our next concert. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes who helped make the event work, Barbara, Kirsten, Pat, Colin, Paul, Joyce, Debs, Pauline, Pam, Margaret.

Candle Sale Evening - 17th Oct 2017

Thank you to everyone that turned up to this evening. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and got some nice goodies for your homes or to give as presents. St Mary’s made £113 from the commission and donations made on the night so thank you to everyone who supported us at this event.

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